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Green Mountain Grills

Grill Like a Champ

We carry the full line of Green Mountain Grills and accessories. We have pellets, grill covers, smoke tubes, racks.... and if we don't have what you are looking for we will be glad to order it.

Green Mountain Grill with Ribs

Davy Crockett

Grill Like a Champ on the Go!

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    The Davy Crockett is the most portable pellet grill available. It's realtively light weight and smaller size make it perfect for the grill master on the go. Stainless steel components mean easy clean up and maximum durability.

  • Green Mountian Grills

    This grill works on a 12 volt cigarette lighter and has an adaptor for use at home. Take it tailgating, camping, boating, or to the in-laws for Sunday dinner.

  • Green Mountian Grills

    Electronic temperature controls and Wi-Fi give you the ability to dial in and monitor your temeperature. With the Davy Crockett you set the temperature and relax.

Daniel Boone

Be the Family Grill Champ​

  • Green Mountian Grills

    This is the workhorse of the stable. Plenty of cooking room to feed the family and a manageable size for the patio or deck. It comes in several variations with a stainless lid and WiFi both optional.

  • Green Mountian Grills

    With stainless internals cleanup is a breeze and you can count on your grill year after year. The drip pan is adjustable for direct heat or indirect convection cooking.

  • Green Mountian Grills

    As with all Green Mountian Grills the electronic controls make grilling as easier than setting an oven. A built in temperature probe gives real time readings on your food.